Sterre van der Tak

This short film is about the process of my latest work:

Existing Non-Places

This video is made by Special Visuals.

My project is about non-places, and transitional places in particular. These are never final destinations, but only traveled through. Throughout my proces I discovered a paradox that became the main focus for this project: the fact that people feel at home in non-places, even though these are impersonal, alienating spaces.

Why do people experience a feeling of coming home in such spaces?

I found that the comfort brought by non-places is rooted in their universal appearance. It does not matter where you are traveling; airports, train- of subway stations will always look the same. 

This investigation resulted in a 3 meter wide 360 drawing of a never-ending non-place, based on existing non-places from all over the world. I want my audience to experience the eerie feeling brought by these spaces, as well as the feeling of familiarity, and coming home.