Sterre van der Tak


Hey! I am Sterre van der Tak, and I am a Dutch illustrator. My work mostly is about people and their surroundings, and how they feel in them. I zoom in on the feeling of feeling at home somewhere, as well as feeling alienated from your surroundings. The big contrast between the two of them fascinates me endlessly.

My work is focused on and addressing the emotional life of people. When I make something, I make it my goal to make people feel the intention I had while observing. I try to involve people in my work, by making them feel it. Also for that reason, most of my work is made with color pencil or graphite on tracing paper. When I use those materials, I am able to express my ideas the most, and pencils allow me to zoom in with a lot of detail.


Let’s explore our possibilities. Feel free to contact me!


KVK 83994157